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Sunflowers and Buffaloes, the meaning behind my tattoos 

A former YoungLife leader and now great friend of mine once preached a sermon about the “Sunflowers and the Buffaloes”.

If you’ve ever seen where a buffalo has walked there is no denying its presence. As they graze, their hooves tear apart the Earth beneath their massive bodies.This symbolizes the trials, tribulations and bad situations in ones life. 

If you have ever watched a sunflower through out a sunny day you will have noticed that its face will always be pointing towards the sun. This symbolizes how one is supposed to live their life towards Christ, with our eyes always towards the Son. 

On the inside of my right arm i have my Sunflower and now on the back of the same arm i have my Buffalo. Forever reminding myself that even through trials and tribulations we must always keep our eyes to the Son because his plan is much greater than our minds can comprehend. 

(via littlemissdanae)

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